Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So I am now in Stanta Cruz de Quiche after spending a day talking with a group that does family planning and cervical cancer screeingin in the towns around Antigua... really cool approach with some really interesting insights. I spent the rest of the day watching the Reicken foundation do one of their librarian training sessions where they teach librarians who work in various small towns how to make their libraries a communityu center of types and how to engage the community in the process. It was so obvious in the training that Reicken has a great hold on what the local mythsd are surrounding books and reading in GUatemala and how to educate these librarians on how to really engage the people in the communities they are working in. I espeecially liked the emphasis they put on creating what they call a ´biblioteca comunitaria moderna´ making people shift their thinking away from the traditional image of what a library is. IT WAS AWESOME.

Aside from that I decided I had to get off the tourist trail and out of Antigua... I took a 1 hr bus to Chimaltenango and transfered onto a bus headed for Santa Cruz de Quiche. The busses around here are called chicken busses and are converted school busses with wild stickers and paintings all over them... they are really neat looking but are not really gringo sized person friendly, even sitting straight up my knees are against the front seat. The ride was great all the same very windy through some really cool countryside. Im definitely not in gringolandia any more, this town is so cool with a market selling piles of the indigenous clothes, belts, ribbons, and skirts the market is filled with incredible color, I am so excited to go even further in to the highlands to a town called Nebaj on what is called the Ixil triangle- very much a indigenous area from what I understand. I have plans to visit one of the libraries Reicken has been involeved with and also chase down some whispers of projects in the area.

Really loving Guatemala

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  1. glad to hear about your adventures, cielo. keep writing!