Wednesday, July 28, 2010


It has been a busy 2 weeks... After spending some time in Antigua I went to EL Quiche Province and headed up into the Ixil triangle an area of the coountry where most people are very much connected with indigenous tradition, everyone was wearing the traditional clothing- beautifully hand woven tops and skirts- and few people spoke spanish. While there I did a bit of hiking and got the chance to talk to some interesting people... one of which was a man who had spent 20+ years in Nebaj (the biggest town in the triangle) who had endles stories about develkopment projects and the difficulties of implementing effective interventions... he had a lot to say and most of it left me thinking he was pretty jaded by the big aid organizations. He was running a bee co-op and school for disabled chioldren in the town and was very clearly sick of some of the poorly thought out gringo interventiuons... one he told me about was USAID gain bags that say do not sell on them that eventually end up in thye local tiendas where they are sold for such a low price they undercut local farmers who cannot compete with the prices. Aside from him I spoke with 2 girls who were shcoked to come across me in the town Chajul... very few gringos around... and were working for an organization that did eduication and some healh interventions in the area... Im thinking at the end of my time in Xela I might head back up and work with them for a bit.

As of right now I have found an apartment here in Xela or Quertzaltenango and am planning on stayiong for a month.. the apartment is great and almost all of my roommates are working for local NGOS, one among them a specifically health education focused NGO I am hoping I can hook in with. Its been fantastic here in Xela have spoken with a local social worker, various other Guatemalans and some gringos who have been here for a LONG time about what they hace seen. There are endless perspectivces on local dveelopment projects and the need in Guatemala finding the best kind of intervention in a courntry with so many problems seems to be the hardest task... Im starting to think it is education and empowering the local women. More to come later...


  1. feliz cumple, cielo. sounds like everything is going well - I'm very impressed with how you are just getting out there and doing it. keep writing!

  2. Skye Hi! Fantastic! This is just such an experience of a lifetime! Great that you were able to get an apartment with others it seems doing similar things...friends you may have for a lifetime! Just know Nicole and I are following you and love hearing/reading about all of your experiences...keep writing and we will check in from time to time. Nicole has a new beau.,,"Paul from Brazil"...good fun! Cheers! Donna Mac