Sunday, July 18, 2010

First Few Days

Thought I would give this blogging thing a chance so no one has to be unnecessarily subjected to my emails. Pardon the spelling and rambling nature of my writing.

Well what a couple of days it has been, in addition to a few leads on projects I plan to chase down this week I ran my first half marathon! After meeting a friend in the hostle I am staying at we made plans to try and climb the volcano Agua after breakfast and while he was looking in to rendting a motorcycle he came across a huge event in the town square... the half marathon las rosas... plans changed and we decided to run that instead. It was fantastic! There were people all alopng the road chearing and encouraging all of the runners (probably 1000 runners in total). It was such a wonderful opportunity to explore some of the surrounding area without the trouble of busses in the road. I even got a metal at the end of the race as proof for all of you nonbelievers out there.

Aside from that msot recent adventure I made it up to the town at the base of the vlolcanoe for some exploring and spent an afternoon skethching the town square church. The sketch is horrible but while I was sitting there I managed to somehow make friends with a huge group of kids on a field trip up from guatemala city. The were waiting for their bus so while they were waiting we sat around and chatted. As they were all called away to catch their bus I was givin probably 50 sticky goodbye kisses on the cheek. That would have been enough excitement to keep me content but I got even luckeier. The indigenous women selling their bracelets and trinkets on the tow square apprently decided I was safe and each took turns sitting down next to me on my bench for a chat. OUr conversations ranged from talk of the local stoves used to my religion to joking about my lakck of artistic ability.

Have plans for Monday to visit the nearby offices of the Riecken foundation a group that builds libraries in emproverished areas. We will see what they can give me- also plan to visit an organization WINGS that does womens health in Antigua. Vamos a ver que pasara.

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